Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In The Spotlight: Tailorbyrd

Tailorbyrd Sport Shirt
Launched in 2002 to critical acclaim, upscale shirtmaker Tailorbyrd has prospered with their button-ups, serving a sport-casual niche with bright colors and refined cuts. Tailorbyrd’s sport shirts all share thick, high quality fabrics, double-barreled cuffs, and a quintessentially British spread collar. To add flavor, some pieces sport colorful patterned trim inside the cuffs and collar. We like Tailorbyrd’s direction; it’s been spot-on with trends since its inception and it spices up the dress shirt just as much as necessary without being over-elaborate. Sr. VP Michael Sheinfield gave us the low-down on their plans:

TFI: Is your firm privately-held? Where are you based?
MS: "Yes, we’re privately-held, based out of New York and Seattle.”
TFI: What are Tailorbyrd's plans for the future?
MS: "Our goal hasn't changed: use the best materials possible. We won't waver-that's the mindset."
TFI: What are your plans for expanding your current line-up?
MS: "We've got boys sport shirts available now, women's shirts, swimsuits, even t-shirts and golf wear. Our women’s line is expanding into dresses and jackets. That's not to say that we're losing our focus; you won't be seeing any Tailorbyrd bicycles anytime soon. We've been all over...we even did specialty vests at one point. We're selling online now, and a boutique store is something we'd consider-no idea is off the table."
TFI: How’s the business doing?
MS: “I won’t go into specifics-let’s just say that each and every growth target is met and exceeded.”

Link: TAILORBYRD Website

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