Sunday, October 21, 2007

LA Fashion Week: Nerd Fashion is Bizzack!

We saw a lot of articles this week covering LA's Fashion Week having to do with new Nerd-inspired trends. Styledash had a pretty awesome take on the whole scene that seems to be developing...

LA Fashion Week street style is much different than, say, a New York Fashion Week's street style. In New York you would expect everyone to be impossibly thin, donning head-to-toe black, and to be very chic. In LA, the laid back style comes out to play, which often made me wonder if I was at Fashion Week or in line at nightclub Les Deux.

The eclectic style was somewhat refreshing and made people-watching that much more fun. I scanned the crowd while sipping my pomegranate cocktails to see if I could pick up on any emerging trends. One trend I picked up on was all of the man-candy rocking nerd glasses, which was so very hot.

It was clear that most of the guys sporting this trend were wearing fake glasses (how Bryant Gumbel of them), but it didn't matter because it looked really good. The frames I saw the most were black however I did see a pair of red frames that were very chic as well.

I think the best way for men to sport "nerd glasses" is to wear a very 1950s-esque suit with a slim tie. If you are good looking enough, jeans and a t-shirt will work, too.

-Via Styledash

My prediction is that people are going to have to hit up the thrift stores pretty hard to get the best of this stuff before its too late!

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