Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Hipper, Younger, Less Intimidating Chanel

Chanel plans to open a store catered to younger, more easily intimidated demographic of shoppers in their teens. Fashion Week Daily reported that the store would be located at 125 North Robertson Boulevard.

"Merchandising for the approximately 4,500-square-foot store has yet to be conceptualized, but when it opens late next spring alongside neighboring stores like Intermix, Tory Burch, Kitson, and Lisa Kline, it's expected to carry a selection of trendier, more fashion-forward ready-to-wear and accessories as opposed to its 14,700-square-foot Rodeo Dr. counterpart. That mantra evidently will carry through as far as the store's design, as word has it the front door entrance will come in the form of a retractable garage door, likely emblazoned with the Chanel logo."
-Fashion Week Daily, Chanel Readies for Robertson
As younger consumers become increasingly exposed to high-end advertising and luxury products, accessibility to these products must become second nature to retailers. Although, one might worry that a younger consumer crowd potentially threatens a brand's image and might drive away older staple customers willing to spend more per capita.

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