Monday, January 14, 2008

Coach Jewelry Falls Short

The once chic brand Coach is continuing to struggle, their spring collection jewelry is a perfect example of why they have been so unsuccessful and will continue to be so, unless they make major changes. When browsing the Coach website I found that Coach uses the same strategy with their jewelry line as they do with their bags and wallets, they simply stick their trade mark C's wherever they can, and as many times as possible. A perfect example of this is the Miranda Collection, see left. Coach describes the necklace as:

"The timeless design of this medallion necklace adds an air of elegance to any outfit. Its graphic pattern of repeating Signature C's can be worn both dressy and casual" (Coach).

In my opinion the design of the medallion can hardly be called a design, it is not attractive and it most certainly isn't timeless. Though the Signature C's are recognizable I don't understand how Coach expects to move product when that is all that their designs are. How does having a "graphic pattern" warrant the designer label, that Coach is so desperately trying to maintain.

However I would be lying if I said that the entire collection solely consisted of the Signature C's, the fragrance bracelet, see right, features the word Coach multiple times and also has little sketches of their mediocre fragrance. Why the constant repetition? Coach seems intent on throwing their name and C's in every direction they can, this is an unwise move for a struggling brand. A smarter move would be to limit the signature C pieces and instead establish a line with more style to reinvent their image.

See for more insight to Coach's expected downfall


Jeanna said...

It's like the poor man's Hermes jewelry!

Patrick said...

Coach should come out with a trailer park collection

Xavier said...

Why in the world is every last post about Coach? They're not the only company out there...