Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tom Ford's Manhattan Diggs

Tom Ford of Gucci fame has just opened his own store in Manhattan. The iconic designer personally netted over $250 million while masterminding the legendary turnarounds at Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent (both owned by French luxury powerhouse PPR) and has put some of that cash to work by striking out on his own. Mr. Ford sure has his eccentricities about him: he had an orange tractor at his New Mexico property spray-painted black because he couldn’t stand the color, it takes half an hour to drive from the gate to his house (15,000-square-feet!), and he's hired a half-dozen young models dressed as French maids and butlers in gray suits and white gloves just to stand against the walls of his Manhattan boutique trying to blend in. For the rest of the craziness that is Tom Form, peep the article:

New York Magazine Article
Tom Ford Website


copilotcrash said...

if you like tom ford, don't read his review from the new york times. it absolutely rips his store to shreds and predicts its impending doom!

Anonymous said...

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