Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ugg Boots Featured on Oprah's Gift List

Uggs, made by Decker Outdoors (NASDAQ: DECK) has had their classic crochet tall boot put on Oprah's list of 20 must-have gifts for the holiday season.

"I bet every truly dedicated Oprah watcher knows what my feet cannot live without," says Oprah, referring to the iconic and comfy Australian boots.

Now, for all of us who have seen Uggs' meteoric rise and are waiting for Icarus' wax to melt and the fad to end, this stands as one more holiday season that will see us wrong. I'm sure it will happen some day...Uggs are destined to end up in the bargain bin at Kohl's (NYSE: KSS). However, if they keep innovating ways to sell their wares to middle America like this subtle design change, their comfy-ness will stay in style (in the less-style-inclined suburbs, at least).

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