Monday, January 7, 2008

Coach: Bulls versus Bears

From time to time, internet stock banter can be pretty entertaining. Take this exchange we were involved in on Google Finance Discussions:

(Coach Bear): "Younger consumers have jumped off the coach bandwagon almost completely...Their purses are tacky...None of the college kids I talk to are even considering buying anything else from this brand. Sorry."

(Coach Bull): "I think its pretty drastic to assume that NO college kids are interested in this brand simply because it had one low season. At 24, i can say that a good percentage of my friends recieved coach this holiday season-myself included-and I would bet a bunch of them are looking to buy in the future. The retail market did terribly this holiday, I do not think that is an indication that Coach is done for."

(Coach Bear): "I'm really sorry to hear that you received Coach stuff (and liked it). My mother had the misfortune of receiving a Coach purse this Christmas, but she's old and doesn't understand. Coach emblazoned their logo all over every piece in their stores, and the fashion-conscious got tired of it. Repeating logos is not a long-term strategy. It works for a season. Look at what happened to Burberry in the late 90's: they focused on their signature check, and then forfeiters jumped on it, everyone had it, and, surprise, NOBODY WANTED IT! Coach has done the same, and for this failure I have no respect for them."

I'm guessing the CoachBull is the same fashion-victim suburban girl caught pairing hideous Uggs with a big branded AF hoodie, a loud Coach purse and a 2-year old Motorola RAZR while thinking she's a godess on par with Anna f***ing-Wintour.

The internet, grace be to god, is full of nutjobs. To another entertaining year.


Blakeley said...

my bet is that bull sports the coach tote, with the fake louis vuitton wallet and the same pair of seven jeans everyday.

Patrick said...

Also a denali fleece and uggs

Jeanna said...

I still see plenty of college kids carrying and LOVING Coach. I personally do not like most of their bags, but I would never be "sorry" that someone else received something they liked. That's just mean.

Patrick said...

I think its on its way out, personally. I just don't see any good momentum or marketing.