Monday, January 7, 2008

Hideous? We think so...

True ugliness, courtesy of Balenciaga and their new face, Jennifer Connelly.

Via Perez.


Xavier said...

Who is "we" and what do you find to be the "true ugliness" within the new ad campaign? Jennifer Connelly looks as stunning as ever, and David Sims' photography captures the essence of Nicolas Ghesquière's remarkable collection, with a masterful focus on a clean silhouette inspired by house founder Cristobal Balenciaga, combined with the utterly mesmerizing technology used in every step of the construction, from the creation of the textiles to the final stitching. Such couture-level craftsmanship isn't ugly. And it's undoubtedly creating a strong brand image for the house. It's a matter of personal preference if you don't care for the orange floral print or this particular design, but the overall look of the collection and the multitude of decidedly more wearable pieces both on the runway and in the showrooms are a testament to where fashion should be headed - a striking balance between commerce and design. The waiting list for last season's $6000 scarves shows just how well Mr. Ghesquière is leading the kind of design house that will stay in the ranks of Chanel, successful in terms of both design and the bottom line. Other fashion houses should follow his lead. For a more prosaic ad campaign, one should look to the myriad of other design houses pumping out ridiculous faux-realism that looks more pretentious than brand-defining.

Jeanna said...

I was thoroughly impressed by this Balenciaga collection and I think Jennifer Connelly pulls it off beautifully. I'm not a fan of the boots, but the clothes were far from "ugly." I see innovative and meticulous design, very refreshing considering how clothes have looked the same for a looooong time.

Since when do "fashion investors" go to Perez for blog material?